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We manufacture machines for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, offering customised and highly efficient solutions.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions, with the aim of ensuring maximum competitiveness and customer’s satisfaction. Our passion for innovation allows us to contribute to the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry by offering high quality products and services.


Our company offers advanced robotic solutions such as robot islands, palletisers and collaborative robots. We guarantee customised, safe and effective solutions to improve our customers’ productivity. Our experience and passion for innovation allow us to provide high quality and reliable solutions.


Original equipment manufacturer, tailor-made designs. Thanks to our experience, customers turn their ideas into reality.

Leack Test

System for checking the soundness of in-line containers, both with a high voltage system for conductive products and with a pressure system for non-conductive products.

EC80 e EC80D

Electronic torque control system for capping, with very high precision, greater than one hundredth of a Newton.


Dosing Systems

We supply a wide range of dosing systems for sterile, food and chemical products with high performance: we can dose a few microlitres with high precision.